Hello.   Since it's past the original order date for your 8th grade portraits, you'll find slightly different instructions and different ordering options.   Please read this page for answers to all your questions.  Thanks for visiting.


It has been my pleasure, once again, to photograph the 8th grade graduating class.  As always, it's been a pleasure to work with the students of St. John Vianney School.   If you have questions about the instructions, please email me.  If I don't hear from you, I'll assume all instructions are clear.


Please pay by VISA, MasterCard or Discover if at all possible.  If you must pay by check, please mail your check to Laura Marshall Photography at

4889 Tonino Dr., San Jose, CA 95136.    


Look at the photos.   Your child's photo number is on a list at the bottom of the original email sent by the school.


Click on an image to see it larger and/or order a package.


All photos must be ordered by unit.  The units are explained on the order form.   THERE IS A MINIMUM OF 3 UNITS OF THE SAME IMAGE.  All photos will be cropped correctly and centered.


Follow the instructions on the site to order and pay for photos.    All photos will be mailed to the address on your order form.   Shipping charges of $7 will be added to your total.


If you would like your child's blemishes retouched, please choose that option for the ordered image.  


On order form, put parent's name, address & phone number in the 'BILL TO' space.  



Now, you can see your photographs and place your order.  The password is sjv (all lower case).  If you are told that the photos are not available, please email me and I will reset the expiration date.    Click here to go to photos.  


Thank you.



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